Character Formation

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An Architecture of the Soul: Adam I and Adam II

We live in a society that encourages us to think about how to have a great career but leaves many of us inarticulate about how to cultivate the inner life.” David Brooks, “The Road to Character”

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Character is Destiny

New York Times columnist David Brooks discusses character formation with James Davison Hunter, author of “The Death of Character: Moral Education in an Age without Good or Evil.”

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Why Character Matters

Character is the foundation of our society. Without an education actively shaping that character to be ever more virtuous, our nation’s culture will increasingly fracture.

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The Road to Character

Features New York Times columnist David Brooks discussing historical examples of character and its defining attributes. Learn more about Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture “School Cultures and Student Formation project here.

A Growing Charter School Planted in Rocky Soil

Since Bill Kurtz founded the Denver School of Science and Technology, the charter school has produced “stunning results.” Students’ average ACT scores rose to 24.6. Every senior has been admitted to a four-year college. In 2010, Oprah Winfrey donated $1 million to the school on live TV. Educational leaders around the country are asking, “How did they do that?”

The Story Of Character Education

“The story of character education is a complex one, deeply implicated in the intellectual and institutional narratives of particular historical contexts. In general, character education or moral education is a field of endeavor that attempts to produce the kinds of persons who pursue the goods toward which cultures are directed.” From “Character Education,” by Ryan S. Olson